You Can Be Part of a Bigger Vision

In order to keep growing, Vision needs a bigger, more capable ministry HQ, and with Stage 1 now fully achieved and the building now in our name, it is within sight!

Current focus: Stage 2 - Studios, Fit out and Moving

STUDIOS are the engine room of our ministry. Your donation today will help provide the funds needed to construct the studios and other work spaces we’ll need to move in and start making use of this new facility. An estimated $600,000 is needed for construction, new equipment and moving costs.

We need to meet this goal by the end of 2019 to enable the building works to commence in early 2020, with an expected move-in date around April.

You can also help with Stage 3
(Debt Free Ownership)

Just like many families do with their own home, we’ve taken advantage of a mortgage to assist with purchasing Vision’s new building. Our aim is to pay back the loan within 5-10 years so we can put as much money into ministry as possible (rather than paying interest on a loan!).

You can help us own the building outright by becoming a monthly partner, adding Vision to your will, or with a special gift to Stage 3 today.