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Why Your Support is Needed Right Now

Vision is a charity - there are no corporate shareholders and no government support. About 84% of our costs are covered through donations, and we could not operate without them.

Visionathon happens twice each year to give you the opportunity to be part of what God is doing all over Australia. You may not be the one who speaks on the radio, writes the devotions or prays on the phone but there is a place for you on the team through your donation right now!

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Who is Vision?

Vision is a massive grassroots family of everyday people, working together to reach out to Australia through broadcast, print and digital media – with one simple aim. To help people hear and know the good news of God.

We’re a non-profit charity whose work is made possible primarily through the generous support of Christians across Australia.

Because of this support, Vision is able to be an oasis of real hope in a media landscape obsessed with the latest controversy, gossip or things to be fearful about. By contrast, Vision helps people to look beyond the distractions and worries of life, and look to God as the source of REAL and lasting hope.

We’re 100% committed to ensuring God’s Word continues to have a place in Australia’s media. Not just for today, but for future generations.

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What Your Donation Will Be Used For

Every cent raised during Visionathon will be put toward the cost of undertaking this work across Australia through broadcast, print and digital media. This will have a direct impact into the lives of thousands of Aussies.

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